Random thoughts on windows

Sometimes it seems like there is so much more to life that is waiting to be explored. It seems that we become trapped by our own walls that we put up and we forget to explore. Looking out the window, one only sees the same view all the time. Sure there are different colors, movements and sounds outside the window but the scenery doesn’t change. Venturing out from the safety of the walls that are built to protect, one begins to gain a larger perspective. Instead of the viewing they become enveloped in experiences and in life.

How often do people watch life without ever truly experiencing it or becoming part of it? The view from the same spot may be safe, but eventually you will look back and see that your perspective hasn’t changed. There are so many windows with so many people looking out on their surroundings, if we all came together and ventured outside our perspectives on life could be shared. We could even gain new insight on the perceptions of others.


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