Feeling a bit nostalgic

Things build up, stay constant for a while and eventually end. No matter how much I have an idea of how I will feel at the closing of one chapter of my life, I don’t think I am ever fully prepared for it. Well, at least not the big life changes and ok maybe some of the small changes too.

Today I spent some time looking back at my time here and all the people who I have met. Some which have stayed in my life for years only to fade out of it. Looking back at all the words that were said and future plans made, some that will never be fulfilled,  it makes me wonder if I ever took things for granted. I have had quite a few close friends move out of my life. We all grow and change, sometimes the people surrounding us can’t accept how we have changed or maybe we can’t accept how they have changed. Through no fault of anyone involved bonds slowly break.

It is strange how you can go from being in someone’s life on almost a daily basis to just someone they may run into on the street and stop to chat with briefly. In a way it is sad, so may different outcomes and possibilities but this is the one that manifested. I know that everything happens exactly how it should, things fall into place sometimes in the strangest ways. It is just a little surprising when I have a reaction that wasn’t expected to something that was expected and I have to remind myself of these facts.


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