Shoes, yes I am writing a post about shoes

So I am not a shoe person, or maybe I should say I used to not be a shoe person. I have always disliked shoe shopping. In fact, the quicker I could get it done the better. I always went into a shoe store with what I wanted to buy and if I found it great if not then I wouldn’t be too heartbroken. The other thing I never did was spend money on shoes, I thought it was a waste of money.

This week it all changed, I knew exactly what I needed to buy and I didn’t know where to go. I didn’t want to go to the normal stores that I usually go to but wanted to try a new store out. I ended up going to Wener Shoes downtown.

To give a little background on my shopping preferences in general, if I am going to a store and the staff aren’t friendly or treat me like I don’t have a right to shop there, I will leave the store and not go back. The store I went to was great, the staff were very helpful. I actually felt somewhat guilty having them bring out at least ten pairs of shoes for me to try on. The other cool thing, which you dont’ find too much anymore, is they actually help you put on the shoes. I haven’t been to a shoe store like that in a long time. As a store they scored really high in my book.

Now to the shoes. I ended up buying some nice shoes to go with my skirts and dresses. The funny thing is that I never realized how happy I would be with buying shoes. I actually was excited about them. When I got back to work I had to show them to people. I don’t think the guy sitting next to me was too impressed but at least he acted like it. I actually felt girly for once. Going on about shoes. In fact everyone I ran into after work got to see my shoes.

The only difficult thing about buying the shoes was it was either an iPad or shoes, I went for the shoes. I figured I had to take a break from the tech toys and go a little fashion crazy for once.


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