Dogs in my dreams

The past couple of weeks I have had dreams with dogs in them. It is a very odd thing for me because I usually never have dreams with dogs in them. If there are any animals in my dreams they are usually cats of all sizes, fish or reptiles. This dreaming about dogs is new for me.

Two dreams really stand out for me. The first dream I had, I was trying to escape with a group of people from a house. The house was on a beach and one of the people I was with was trying to get to a boat, but I don’t think he made it. While trying to escape I hid under the deck of the house because our captor was patrolling the beach looking for us and he had two or three large dogs. They were Doberman Pinschers and I recall that they weren’t as scary as the man who was leading them. There was nothing particular about this man’s looks that made him scary. I remember he had some sort of cloak on that was trimmed with fur, other than that the only creepy thing about him was his aura.

So in this first dream the dogs were being ordered by someone to do something that may cause me harm. They were things to be wary of in this dream.

The second dream I had was about purchasing a puppy. I remember the puppy was half Lab and half some other sort of breed that I don’t recall. In the dream I saw the ad for the puppy on a friend’s social networking site. I contacted her and went to look at the dog with one of my other friends. In the dream her when I got to my friend’s house her parents were young and the friend I brought with me knew her parents from a horse show that occurred in February. I thought it was odd that her dad was there because her dad had passed away in real life. The puppy was so cute and I took him home to the house I grew up in. I remember I was playing with him on the stairs leading up to the second floor and I was thinking that my cat would be angry with me. Then my other cat came up the stairs to check the dog out and I was worried that the dog would bite him. I was thinking in the dream all the reasons that I couldn’t keep the dog, mostly cost and time. The fact that he had white paws stood out.

The dogs in these dreams were of similar color different shades of black and brown. Plus they were all loyal to the people who owned them. I really am not sure what the point of these dreams were,  but it definitely made me think – why dogs?


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