Spring is here!!!

It is that time of year again, the time of year that seems to take forever to get here. As I am sitting here writing this, there is a happy Robin outside of my window chirping away. With everything coming to life it almost makes it seem as though Winter never happened, almost.

I notice every year around this time I find it very hard to focus if I am inside. This is especially the case if I happen to be working and looking out the window. The only thing I can seem to focus on is being outside, or how green things are getting. It is like I am mesmerized by the change of the seasons. Something inside of me wants to get out and just be free. Maybe this is what they call “Spring Fever”. I am not really sure, it almost makes me want to stay here but I will not be fooled into staying another year here. I have to remember the Winters and how hard they are here.


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