Jasper – May 2011

Thankfully I got the chance to go to Jasper this year. I can’t believe that it was two years since I last went to Jasper. I enjoy going to Jasper more than Banff or Canmore because it is more rustic. While it still can be busy, it isn’t as busy as other places. The town itself never seems to change, it is constant. The same stores and hotels, it really keeps the feeling of a time when people would go to the mountains to relax and spend time with their families, instead of going to clubs or shopping.

I was able to go to Miette Hot Springs for the first time, plus it was my first time going to a hot spring. It definitely was worth the trip. The view was amazing. It is surrounded by mountains and they are fabulous. There are so many pine trees around it that I found it meditative staring at the sea of green. The staff was very friendly and informative. We found out that the pools are drained every night and filled in the morning. They have four pools which are different temperatures. When we were there the temperatures were: 12, 20, 39 and 40 degrees. The admission fee was very reasonable too, it was only $6.05 for an adult. I definitely would like to go back. Maybe if I get the chance to go to Banff this year I will go to Radium Hot Springs so I can compare the two.

It was also my first time staying at a cabin in the mountains. We stayed at the Pocahontas Cabins which are about 30 minutes away from Jasper Townsite. It was very quiet there. The cabin was small but it was nice and clean. Though the first night was a little cold, but the second night was much better. The cabin had a refrigerator, utensils, microwave and electric range – all which are beneficial for those people who bring their own food. I believe the larger cabins actually have a stove in them. The staff  was very friendly and helpful. The food at the restaurant, while being on the pricey side but this is common at the Mountain Park Lodges, was very good.

We also went to Athabasca Falls, which I think is a must see for anyone going the Jasper area. It is very pretty and I love the sound of rushing water, it is calming for me.

There were also lots of animals out and about in the park. We saw bighorn sheep, coyotes, elk, deer and it was my first time seeing a black bear while in one of the mountain parks. Seeing a bear was very neat experience. We weren’t up close and it was in the trees, but it still looked pretty big.

There wasn’t really a downside to the trip at all. My friend and I had lots of fun. It was super enjoyable and relaxing. There is something about being surrounded by the mountains and knowing they have been around longer than we have that make your own problems seem insignificant.


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