At times life seems to stand still. It seems as though there are so many paths laid out in front of me, but there are invisible barriers that prevent me from moving forward. Whether that barrier is created within my own mind or is out of my control depends on the path that it is blocking.

The barriers that are out of my control, I have to accept they are out of my control. In these situations it is probably best to take a depth breath and relax. What can I really do but have faith that the outcome will be exactly what it is meant to be. I believe I am spending too much energy worrying about these things and they are tiring me out. They are causing me many sleepless nights and my body can’t handle it. The lack of sleep adds to the irrational thoughts, which in turn adds to my stress if I linger on them. Then the cycle keeps repeating. One of my goals for this week is to try let the things which are out of my hands go.

The barriers that I make myself, well those will take some self-reflection to figure out why they are up in the first place. Most barriers in my life come from fear. Fear causes me to not move forward. I know I am getting better with my fears. I am starting to say exactly what I am thinking and telling people exactly how I feel. Doing this can sometimes be terrifying because I never know what kind of reactions my honesty may cause in other people. Even with the uncertainty of other people’s reactions, facing my fears is good for me because it gives me confidence that I am staying true to myself and overcoming my fears.

Over time some barriers will disappear and some will stay. In the end the only choices I can control are my own and right now my path it taking me on the journey of removing the barriers that are self-created.


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