It has already been a year since Japan

It is crazy how time flies. This time last year I was in Japan with a group of people from my Japanese class. In fact on June 4 of last year we were being shown around Tokyo by one of my friends who lives there. That was pretty cool. We saw a baseball game on that day, walked lots, saw a huge park in the Tokyo and went to an Izakaya. It was lots of fun to spend that much time exploring Tokyo in a day.

Then on June 5th, we were on our way to Kyoto. It was my first time on the Shinkansen. I don’t really recall what we did in Kyoto that day, it probably involved lots of walking. I think we just wandered around the area that we were staying in. We stayed in an area that didn’t seem to have too many tourists, it seemed more residential. I think we may have gone out for okonomiyaki that evening for dinner. To me, Kyoto seemed much quieter. Lots more shrines, or at least we saw lots more shrines and temples in Kyoto. It definitely feels like an older city. I preferred Kyoto more so than Tokyo.

I really miss Japan and I hope I am able to go back there again soon.


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