Movie Settings and the Ability to Capture the Mood of a Movie

The settings in movies need to capture the mood of the movie. Sometimes the setting isn’t really noticeable and that is what works for the movie, but other times creating the right setting allows the viewer to really understand the feeling of the movie.

One movie that stands out for me is Seven. I watched it tonight. For those of you that haven’t seen Seven, it is about a serial killer that chooses individuals to kill based on the seven deadly sins – Greed, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride and Wrath. It also deals with two detectives and how the case draws them in.

I think the main theme of the movie is how people are used to negative things happening around then and they become used to it. They stop caring and noticing all the corruption around them. They become complacent.  Evil is routine. The story itself is good, the plot twists are pretty interesting, if not disturbing.

The location really adds to this story. You never really know what city it is set in. I think it may be some city in California but I am not sure, it is never really stated.  The scenes are well crafted, for example all the apartments are run down, in a way it reflects the people who live in the city – tired, worn down and lifeless. Even the weather in the movie adds to the effect, raining and grey skies. I don’t recall the sun shining in the movie during any of the outdoor scenes. From what it seems like to me the story is not only about catching a killer but also about a city that is in need of redemption.

I have seen this movie many times and I always catch new things when I watch it.


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