New Focus

Well I am feeling somewhat back to normal. I think the past four months have been crazy for me. I haven’t really planned anything or have done anything here in Edmonton besides going to the gym. I really have missed planning and doing things that increase my knowledge base.

The reason that I haven’t really done much the past four months is because I wasn’t sure if I would be moving or not. Unfortunately I didn’t get the job that I was hoping to get. That is ok though because it taught me a valuable lesson – I am the type of person that can’t remain stagnant, I need to plan and do things that make me feel fulfilled. I still plan on moving, but I need to have a game plan.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in a very angry state. I felt sorry for myself and was very hard to deal with, as some people found out. Luckily I went to work today and started making efforts to increase my work skills. Not to mention I changed my attitude about work. I am going to do my best to ensure my relationships at work are the best that they can be from my side.

I actually feel the best that I have felt in months. I needed to plan! I like having some control over my life.


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