Cats and Frustration – or an Annoying Morning for Aki

Whoever thinks that animals don’t have emotions, haven’t met my cats. Aki is a prime example of a cat who is too smart for his own good. Not to mention he gets frustrated and annoyed pretty easily, maybe he takes after me.

Aki has his own little cat fort. I have a huge chair in my house that the cats have made their own. I cover it with a sheet to try to prevent tons of hair from gathering there. The chair is wide enough that when I throw the sheet over top of it, it creates a little cave underneath the sheet, which Aki has adopted as his “man cave”. I think he probably does it to get away from Sophie and myself since our assigned spots are on the couch. Today was entertaining, the sheet sometimes falls onto the chair which causes the cave to disappear. Aki really wanted to get under the sheet today and he kept jumping on the sheet and meowing at it, then tried to burrow under it. I think he really thought his meowing and jumping was going to magically cause the sheet to return to its proper place. Thanks to my magical power, also known as hands, I readjusted the sheet so Aki could promptly retreat to his little lair and sleep.

This morning was a frustrating morning for Prince Aki.


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