Sleep and other good stuff

I guess not getting the job may have been a good thing. As much as I would have liked to move, I believe it wasn’t the right time. Things have a way of working out exactly as they should. Since finding out that I didn’t get the job, I have actually been able to sleep. Plus I have been taking positive steps to figure out what I want to do with my life. I know that the current line of work that I am in isn’t exactly what I want to be doing. I want to be in more of a business analyst type role. Now that I am committed to that goal, I know that I will spend the next few months educating myself along those lines. I believe this education will help to achieve the goal of getting more business analysis type roles. I do have some other small goals set for myself. Next week I will talk to various headhunting agencies in the hopes that they can help me find a job in this area. I am not going to stop everything just in case I get a job that is across the country. I have too many other things that I want to do with my life. Even thought it was only four months of my life it felt too long. It isn’t like me to put things on hold like that.

I have spent way too many months putting my life on hold. Now I am going to take courses, look to see what else is out there for work and actually enjoy myself. I am also starting to plan a vacation. I have missed the planning in my life. I am very happy that I am starting to take hold of my life again and move forward.


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