Overcoming Information Overload

For the first time in a long time I actually spent time reading lots of information on the internet. One of the reasons I don’t usually spend too much time reading information on the internet is because I get overwhelmed by so much information that I am not sure what to read. I usually get frustrated and just don’t bother researching anything. Luckily I decided to go back to MetaFilter, which is a community weblog that has a lot of interesting links and posts on a variety of topics.Another great feature, in my opinion, is this site has a much more mature community than some of the other community weblogs that I have gone to in the past.

One of the best features of this community is Ask MetaFilter, which is a place for members to post questions which can be answered by other members. People ask questions from the best places to see in a city to what are the best ways to improve their writing. By reading this area today I was able to find helpful tips on keeping a journal, learning Japanese and using new conversational skills in large groups. It is great to find one place which has so many links to a wealth of information.

I am happy that I am starting to find ways that work for me to navigate the internet. I also feel like I can start to learn more by reading information on the internet and not giving up because I am overwhelmed.



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