A Happy Week

This week has been one of the happiest weeks for me in a long time. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had so many good days in a row. I usually go through periods of one or two good days in a row with off days that aren’t the greatest. My off days aren’t really negative just a kind of day when it goes by too fast or something throws it off at work.

This week has been different. True, some of the crazy stuff was still going on at work, but I didn’t let it get to me. In fact, I didn’t let much get to me this week. Any time I had an irrational thought I was able to get rid of it pretty quickly. Either by telling myself that it was a silly thought or by focusing my attention on something else. I think a large part of the improvement of my emotional state has to do with my sleep and the fact that I am sleeping without waking up in the night. I also have a lot less anxiety right now. I am not stressing about the things I was stressing out about last week and for the past four months. Another great thing that has happened this week is that people are reaching out to me regarding my work abilities and it is a nice form of positivity that I needed.

There really aren’t any words to describe how happy I was last week. I hope it can continue this week and beyond. Other than staying happy my other goals this week are going to the gym three times a week and writing more.


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