Yearly Movie Viewing

I have finished my yearly viewing of The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King. As with each year that I watch it I am still inspired by the story and I still cried throughout the second half of The Return of the King. The movies really bring the books to life. The messages the movies portray are truly beautiful.

From the first time I watched it I was amazed how it portrayed the bonds that are made between individuals that go through difficult journeys. Even though those starting out on the journey may not be there at the end, they are still in the thoughts of those who hold them dear. The primary example of this is the journey Frodo and Sam make together. Their ordeal is something that is between them and no one else can fully understand it. The bond that forms between them is reflective of many individuals who share a difficult journey or experience with others, it brings them closer even though they may no longer see each other. It is something shared between them.

The other thing I really love about these movies is the way it shows humans and other beings getting over their differences to work together to fight evil. The real world could learn a lot from this movie in the way of acceptance and the power of cooperation instead of isolation.

The other message that I get from the movies is that various experiences in one’s life cause growth and change. One may no longer fit in the place they have always been familiar with once they leave and then journey back. Life experiences truly change people it is not necessarily a good or bad thing, it just is.

These movies show the strength, courage and determination of the heart if you truly believe something can be accomplished. The most important message – to never give up hope.


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