Randomness Regarding Pottery

One thing that I really love is clay cups, plates, bowls, teapots etc. There is something about these items that seems very earthy. Watching all the Lord of the Rings movies reminded me of this. The hobbits have eating and drinking containers are made from clay. I think I may have found my love of clay from watching The Hobbit cartoon as a child or just growing up at the time I did.

There is something about the shape, texture and weight of holding a cup made in this way that I really enjoy. I think it may be because these are made in a unique way by an actual human crafting it with their hands. There is something to be said for the talent of those individuals who are able to craft these items. The colors are wonderful as well. There is nothing like the blues, greens, reds and browns that can be found on these items.

If I could I would love to have all my plates and bowls be handcrafted. I have a certain artist I like who made my some of my wine glasses, coffee mugs and a teapot. Unfortunately he doesn’t specialize in plates and bowls. I also recently purchase a coffee mug at the local farmers’ market and it is awesome. It is the perfect mug for my small hands. My hand fits comfortably around it. It almost seems like it was made especially for me. The woman who made it also makes plates and bowls so I may be able to find more of what I am looking for from her.

There is something about curling up on the couch drinking coffee from an earthenware cup that just makes life seem a little more comfy.


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