Personal Project Complete

I realize it is the beginning of July, not the prime time to consider scarf knitting, but considering the normal way I do projects I wanted to give myself plenty of time to finish it before Winter. Now it is a very rare thing for me to actually complete something. I always seem to start projects and then only get through them halfway. Day, weeks, months and even years later I would beat myself up over the fact that I couldn’t complete a personal goal. My issue is that I would start it and be super interested in it, but after time my interest would fade in it to the point of the task that was originally enjoyable feeling like a chore.

Thankfully, I am starting to understand how my mind works and how I need to push myself to complete things, that at some level I still find enjoyable even though I may not really be interested in them at the moment. But…..drumroll please……I finally finished my scarf! It isn’t perfect by any means, but it doesn’t matter. It is warm, long enough and pretty colours. The most important thing is I did it! Go me!


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