Decisions and Roadblocks

This topic has been on my mind for a while, so I think it is important to write about it. It is amazing the amount of times I will decide not to do something because I get stopped by the roadblocks instead of focusing on the end destination. For example, if there is some place I want to go to because I think it would be interesting I usually end up getting hung up on reasons not to go. Sure, the initial interest is there but in the days before I have to go I focus on something like – it is across town and I don’t feel like driving. Then I focus only on the driving issue not the actual place I want to go. So some things I am going to do to help me get over this are:

  • Realize that driving (or other roadblocks) may be a pain, but don’t focus on it
  • Think of ways to make the roadblocks more enjoyable or non-existent
  • Determine what is causing me anxiety about going or doing something in the first place
  • Write the pros and cons of going or doing something to help me look at the reasons why I am interested in the first place
  • If I do decide not to do something, don’t beat myself up for not doing it

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