10 Positive Things That Happened Today

I am at a loss for words at the moment, but part of my goal is to try to keep writing daily, so I thought it would be beneficial to write ten positive things that happened today or that I noticed:


  1. I am not as sick as I was yesterday.
  2. One of the project teams at work complimented the work myself and another person have been doing on their project.
  3. Aki is starting to curl up on my lap again to sleep. I was worried for a bit because he seemed to be avoiding me.
  4. My plant seems to be growing again.
  5. I got things I wanted to do on Thursday done today.
  6. Even though I wanted to order food in, I ate what I had at home.
  7. I am happily sticking to my goal of not drinking coffee after noon – only about one cup today.
  8. Sophie is cute.
  9. I am happy even though I am sick.
  10. I managed to get lots done at work today even though my head was fuzzy.

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