Why My Earrings Make Me Happy

Today was a crazy day, six meetings all an hour long. Not much time to get things done, let alone relax between meetings. The one thing that actually kept me sane and made me smile today were my earrings. I know, it sounds crazy.

I have these cool earrings that are a bit long, made up of silver circles in a diamond shape. The best thing about these earrings is they make a pleasant noise when the circles hit each other. It sounds almost like a little chime, minus the echo. The best thing about them is they help me focus. I may be off daydreaming or not focused on what is going on in a meeting and then I turn my head, they make a noise which causes me to mindful of the exact moment.

I never really thought of these earring as a way to help me stay focused in the moment. I only thought they sounded nice, but today I was able to notice they serve an additional purpose – helping me to stay in the present moment.


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