Courage in Interesting Places

I believe one of the most difficult situations for some people is voicing their opinion to the group, at least when it comes to tough conversation topics. Recently, I had to run a session that involved a group of people, most who were reluctant to discuss the issues they had with the way things were being handled. I think it was one of the most awkward and visibly uncomfortable events that I have been involved with recently.

The hardest thing for me was going over each topic and encouraging people to talk while still trying to remain neutral. It was unfortunate that some of the people involved seem too wrapped up in the normal drama and unable to focus on resolving the issues. The positives for me were that I was able to grow in my meeting skills as well as have the courage to speak up about issues I saw when no one else wanted to speak up. Most of all I was able to capture some concrete resolutions that I will be able to document so everyone is on the same page.


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