Rational PMS

Yes I am fully aware those two words don’t go together. After a day filled with miscommunication, I thought it may be fun to write some tips to try to stay sane through this wonderous event.

1) If someone tells you it is just your hormones, it probably is just that. This isn’t someone trying to start an arguement. In fact, they are trying to help justify your crazy behaviour. Go with it.

2) Yes you were this cranky before. PMS comes with a magical case of selective amnesia. No, you aren’t just having an off month it is like this every month. You really are this miserable.

3) It is not accepteable to burst into tears because someone did not ask you to do something. No one is out to get you. See point one – hormones.

4) If someone actually makes an effort to talk to you in this state, do not try to prove them wrong or argue. Just feel lucky enough someone is brave enough to deal with your wrath.

5) Remember to breathe and be mindful. Being aware causes less misunderstandings.

6) For the sake of your co-workers, shut the door to your ofice so that the entire floor doesn’t feel the despair oozing out of your office.


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