Wrapping Up Day One

I went to the art gallery today. They has some pretty good exhibits. I have come to the conclusion that I am not a fan of Emily Carr’s work. I find it too dark. I know she captures lots of the Pacific Northwest in her paintings, but I don’t view it as a dark and dreary place. I did enjoy the exhibit on the war art. I never thought I would like something on that subject matter but it was interesting to see that there are artists commissioned to capture wars. I know there are photographers who capture wars but I never knew there were artists. There was also a section on Japanese wars by Japanese artists.

After the museum, I went out for dinner to Old Vic’s Fish and Chips. Their food really went downhill since the last time I was there. The fish was too salty. Plus the waitress seemed really disinterested in doing her job.

My goal for the rest of the day is to read and to knit. Tomorrow I want to go on a longer walk if possible. Plus I would like to find a good sushi restaurant. Maybe I will go kayaking but it may be busy since the cruise ships are in town.


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