Here I am surrounded by water and realizing how much I miss it. Water calms me, maybe it is because I am a fire sign and need water to tame my soul. Or maybe it is just the sound of water. I truly love being surrounded by water, not to mention the mountains. Plus I like being around people from all over the world. I think I need to live near water.

I was a little nervous about coming here. For many reasons. One reason is this is the first time I have gone on vacation by myself. I think I would have preferred having someone with me. The other reason is that the last time I was here was during a much different time of my life. It is hard for me to face places that I have been to before that may cause me to have sad memories. I went to a couple of places that I had visited before and I didn’t find them sad. In fact I really had no feelings surrounding it. Only the thought that the last time I was at those places my situation was different.


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