I think Sophie may deserve what she gets

Now, not naming any names, I know there are some of you out there who feel sorry for Sophie and think she is the victim. I have seen proof with my own eyes over the last two days that I think she brings on the fights herself. Yesterday I saw that she smacked Aki and today as well. This is all very confusing because yesterday she was also licking him (just a fyi if anyone I don’t know is reading this, I am talking about my cats otherwise the context would be very weird).

Then there is Aki who I thought chases Sophie lots because I hear lots of running, yesterday I looked out into the living room to see Aki meowing and running around by himself, no other cat involved. Maybe he is acting, you know, trying to be one cat playing multiple roles. He runs one way and he is the cat being chased. Then he goes the other way and now he is the cat that is in pursuit. I think he is bored, I can almost guarantee this because lately my toilet paper is being destroyed.

All in all, I think both of my cats are absolutely insane but they do have great personalities when they aren’t trying to make me feel sorry or guilty.


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