Another Busy Saturday

This weekend seems to be a great weekend so far. Today I visited the downtown farmers’ market. I like getting to the market first thing in the morning before the swarms of people show up. I have a few places that I normally go to when I go to the market. I bought some lamb as well as some interesting wine – it is made from alfalfa, weird. I was in one of those moods today that I went over to any vendor that caught my eye offering me free samples. Normally I avoid eye contact, because that means talking will be involved. Yet, today I was chatty, which is how I ended up with the wine as well as this awesome bread made from honey and fruit. It is so tasty. For breakfast I had a chocolate hazelnut tart, it was the best thing ever. I actually got chills when I ate it since it was so heavenly. I think I will try the lemon tarts next time I go. Then I hit the other vendors I like and bought some – baba ganoush, hummous, dolmathes and falafel. Yum. Plus I bought some fresh vegetables, which smell so good. The onions that I bought smell nice and fresh. I will be using the vegetables in my stew and meat loaf that I plan on making this week.

I wrapped up my afternoon by going to the gym. I went yesterday as well. So that is three times this week and it looks like I am getting back on track. I had too much energy sitting at home today I needed to go to the gym. Not to mention I had to burn off the tart that I had for breakfast.

I think I may end this wonderful day with some milk and that delicious honey bread. Then go to sleep, it seems like I am going to bed earlier than I used to go to bed which is nice.


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