Work – Week Two

So even though I didn’t get much sleep last night I seem to be in better spirits. Today was a really good day at work. I think figuring out what days I will be working OT and making my supervisor aware of what days I can stay later really helped me out. I also am now able to log into the payroll system which is handy. I find being able to see the hours I have worked and the vacation time that I am building up, really puts my mind at ease. I made some mistakes at work today, like sending the same email three times because there was issues with it or I forgot to put the proper attachments on it. I didn’t really get too worked up about either, I just thought it was more annoying than anything else.

I really like the people on my team. They are always willing to help out and most of them have a good sense of humor. It is a big difference going to a team where people actually are around to help and we all do similar things. It is nice to have positive interaction at work on a consistent basis as opposed to negative interaction on a consistent basis.

Since I am not as tired today, I am hoping that it is a sign that I can start to get my schedule back in order (fingers crossed).


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