Past and Present

I have been going through my pictures trying to find ones that stand out for me and that   inspire some sort of emotion in me. This picture reminds me of the roller coaster ride my life has been over the past two and a half years. I have experienced loss, loneliness, sadness and depression in varying amounts. Luckily I have also experienced extreme happiness, beauty, joy and peace.

This picture makes me realize that there are things in my life that can no longer be as they once were and things that I have lost. It is okay to remember what I have lost and grieve for it, but not get lost in it, because I still have some of the things that have been with me throughout my journey.

I use this picture because in a way Ian’s death marked the end of one chapter of my life and a beginning of another chapter, as he was with me through a large part of my time here in Canada. Sophie represents what I still have and to be thankful for what I have at this exact moment.





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