I think there is a certain kind of stigma attached to people who make the decision to go see a therapist to deal with their issues. Sometimes I think that society may label these individuals as “broken” or “crazy”. I do not believe that is the case, I may have believed that a year ago, but not anymore. I believe that a majority of these people who seek out therapy want to better themselves and understand themselves. Sometimes that is all that can really help them achieve the goal of personal growth and understanding.

In addition to the mental turmoil there also can be the physical. When physical symptoms occur and multiple medical tests produce no cause, then there has to be another reason. Why wouldn’t people seek out alternative answers by pursuing various forms of therapy, so that they can discover the underlying issues that are causing their symptoms? To me, this solution would seem to be the most logical choice.

There is nothing wrong or shameful in saying that you need help and seeking out help through therapy. People trying to determine if they should go should take heart in the fact that a lot of therapists have therapists. I am not saying that everyone needs therapy or should go, but I am saying that if there are questions in your mind about why you behave a certain way then you should go. I look at it as a way to hear an external non-biased voice give some insight into why you behave a certain way or at least tell you that what you are experiencing is normal.

In addition to my writing, I want to post an interesting talk on vulnerability that I watched tonight. It reflects lots of my own issues that I went through and also provides some insight on how to experience more in life:


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