No Planning for Me

Next weekend I am off to the mountains. I am very excited about getting a chance to go to the mountains again. I have really cut back on the number of times that I go, I think this year I will have only gone to the mountains twice. This is a huge difference from previous years when I used to go three or four times minimum.

For once I am not doing any of the planning for this trip. For those of you that know me (in this case everyone who is currently reading my blog) you know that I usually am the one to plan everything or almost everything when it comes to travelling with others. For this trip it is almost the exact opposite. In fact, one of my friends asked me where I am staying at when I go and I honestly told her I had no idea where I was staying. Since I haven’t planned any of this trip, I am kind of in the I don’t care mode when it comes to how I am getting there and where I am staying. I am really glad my friend that I am going with just pretty much gives me a list of what she wants to do, I throw in my opinion, we agree and it is set. I already told her I need my “me” time so I can’t be doing activities 24/7 or I will get cranky.

The things that I am sure about – there is a heated pool, a hot tub and a sauna at the hotel. One morning we are going out for breakfast because I love going out for breakfast on the weekends. We are doing some shopping and some hiking. There may or may not be wine involved at some point during the weekend. Other than that I have no idea on the details, except that I want greasy breakfast food one morning.  I am looking forward to taking lots of pictures, I want to try my hand at some more photo-journalism.


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