The Best Medicine

I think the best medicine for me when I am sitting at home with the flu and feeling very sorry for myself is writing. Writing helps me think of new creative things to do. I have a few ideas in the works of things I would like to do. I have an idea for a short story kicking around in my head, I may post it in installments on my blog when I get around to writing it. I also think it would be fun to make my own earring holder. Like the ones you see that are a picture frame with the glass removed and instead of glass there is wire mesh to hang your earrings on. It actually seems to be a pretty simple project. There is also a writing project being developed in the back of my mind to share with others and help them enhance their writing.

I wanted to share a couple of interesting ideas I have heard from people the past two weeks:

– Use an old bulletin board and put pins or nails in it to hold your necklaces. Attach a ribbon to the bottom to hang your earrings on. I am sure you could decorate the bulletin board however you would like.

– One of my co-workers told me this tip and she either heard it or read it somewhere, I don’t recall where – use a recipe box and for the tabs in the recipe box have a month. For each month write one big project that you want to complete that month on an index card. Let say you want to clean your garage in June, you could put that on an index card for the month of June. This way you have an organization method for all of your big projects. I thought it was a neat idea.


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