Winter is Here – some thoughts

Well Winter finally sprung on us today. The roads are horrible, all ice. I am thankful that everyone on my way home was being cautious, in other areas of town that wasn’t the case. So I am super grateful that I made in home safely.

To kill time before heading home I went to the gym. Silly me, I thought I went on the elliptical machine, but it was more of a stepper/elliptical machine. I am sure whoever built that machine must also build torture devices in their spare time. Wow. What a workout! I wanted to do a workout that was more of an entire body workout. Now I know why everyone runs, because running is easy compared to that. I was able to keep my heart rate up for 28 minutes straight. Actually, I think it went up within the first minute and just didn’t go back down. I will be lucky if I can walk tomorrow, but I needed to exercise. It was so hard all I could focus on was me, it was a great way to clear my mind.

I thought I would also share a writing prompt with those of you who are interested in writing, or maybe even thinking about it without writing –

What brings you joy?

What does tranquility mean to you?

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. 🙂

Have a great night everyone and for those of you in warmer places I am so jealous.


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