More tips

More tips on things to avoid while being tired and dealing with “that” time of the month:

Do not focus on all times people didn’t do something or it will seem overwhelming. Also be sure to be general since the person who is listening to you complain is being there for you. Do not use words like “everyone” and “all”.

Little decisions should not be made until after a full night’s rest. If you ignore this rule then things like deciding on where to have coffee at, turns into a 15 minute conversation. This includes a rant about how a coffee shop should have the right atmosphere. It ends with suggesting the place you didn’t want to go to in the first place.

The person who is listening to you deserves a gold star because when you frusturate yourself, you know the person listening probably doesn’t get it either.

Follow the 10 second rule or 10 minute rule. If this still doesn’t work then just take a vow of silence, it is probably easier.


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