100th Blog Post

I believe this may be my 100th blog post within a year, which isn’t too bad. Actually, all things considered, it is a miracle that I have posted this many.

Today I want to share one of my lists I have been working on for the writing/self-reflection course I am currently taking.  One of the lists that I enjoyed writing was the – Whimsical List. Basically a list of things that other people may think are crazy, heck I even think some of them sound crazy for me to do at least. So here is the list (or at least part of it):

– Make sock puppets

– Take a drawing class

– Write a short story based on one of my dreams

– Knit a sweater for a pet

– Bake cookies at midnight

– Make snow angels again (I haven’t done that in years)

– Spin a globe and pick a place at random to travel to

– Learn how to make a gingerbread house

– Get my picture taken with Santa

– Take a pottery class

– Make a glass vase

– Fall into a pile of raked leaves (maybe I am reliving my childhood with this list)


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