Germany – Part 1

I arrived in Germany three days ago. The trip started out great since I was actually able to sleep at least five hours on the plane. I think a large part of that had to do with the fact I had a small amount of red wine. The plane ride was also enjoyable because I met a woman from Rome who now lives in Canada. I got to hear her story about how she met her husband and moved to Canada from Rome. She gave me her email and phone number, plus invited me to visit. She warned me that she only cooks Italian food, which wasn’t really a warning since I like Italian food.

Germany itself is nice. My brother and his girlfriend picked me up at the airport. She made a sign welcoming me to Germany which was pretty cool. My first full day here we went to a Christmas market. It is really pretty seeing all the old market squares decorated with lights and vendors selling handmade items. They even had a real camel at one of the nativity scenes.

The past two days I have spent relaxing which is pretty good since I need to catch up on rest. Tonight we are going to a family gathering for dinner.

On a random note, I am not having a hard time understanding German. I get the basic idea of what people are saying. I should understand lots more by the time I leave.



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