Germany – Part 4

Today was another relaxing day. We went for a walk today to a little chapel that overlooks the town where my brother lives. It was a good walk and it was nice to be in a forest that has some green in it. As much as I complain about humid weather, there is something to be said for what humidity does to forests. The look of moss growing on rocks and trees is one of my favorite things. The contrast in color is beautiful.

I have included pictures of the walk. Some of the pictures aren’t the best, but they give the general idea. Better pictures will be posted once I upload them from my camera.

The trail is interesting because it is used for pilgramages up to the little church. There are markers for the stations of the cross, which I have included a photo of in this post. They have cool trail markers. It is a tree, a fox and an owl painted on the side of the trees. I also took some pictures of the Main River and the town my brother lives in. There are windmills (not really easy to see)and vineyards in some of the pictures too. I have included a photo of one of the dogs after the walk which demonstrates how I feel.








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