Germany – Part 6

The past two days have been eventful. Yesterday was a shopping day. I didn’t buy more shoes, unfortunately. Though I did buy a new purse and wallet. Plus I bought some new rings. The pictures are included in this post. I have also included pictures of Wurzburg, the city where I bought my fancy new items. I will have more pictures of Wurzburg tomorrow since we will be sightseeing there.

Today was spent visiting tourist attractions. Luckily, this was done on the only day the Sun was out since I have been here. This included visiting a few cities that are surrounded by a walls. I have some awesome pictures on my other camera, but for now the pictures from my phone will have to do.

Rothenburg was the first city that we went to see. This city is known for all its Christmas stores as well as the Christmas museum. When we arrived there we went up on the wall that surrounds the city and walked around part of the city. The city itself is over 1000 years old. It also has a medieval crime museum that includes torture devices. I visited this museum the last time I was here. They also have a teddy bear museum.

The Ratstrinkstube (City Councilors’ Tavern) has a clock that depicts the Meistertrunk (Master Draught) during various hours. This is a legend about how the town was saved from invading Catholic troops by a City Councilor. He saved it by making a bet that he could drink a tankard containing 3 1/4 litres of wine in one gulp. He did this and saved the city from the invading troops.

We also visited a few other towns that are all old and have lots of history. It is really fascinating to see the old and the new mixed together. Plus seeing houses that have been around for hundreds of years. The other thing I really love is hearing all the church bells ringing. It doesn’t seem to matter on the size of the town, there is always at least one church and one gaust haus. Plus nothing beats each village having its own bakery.














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