Lately I have been feeling  as though I am at a crossroad in my life. I have so much on my mind that it makes my head spin. I tell myself that I will give myself a couple of months to just focus on the now before I move forward. I think that this time focusing on me and really living will improve things. The funny thing is that when I give myself timelines I feel confined and I don’t want to follow them. It is kind of like sabotaging myself. I try not to think and in not thinking about which way to go in my life, I end up over-thinking. This leads to stress and the need to give myself a time-out.

Yesterday was a pretty rough day. I felt overwhelmed with how things were progressing in my mind. I had a very hard time pulling myself out of the rut of over-thinking. I decided to take a look at my journal and see if there was any wisdom from the previous months that I had forgotten about. There was some wisdom my journal, something that pulled me back to this exact moment. It was the word for this year, a word that defines what I want to bring more of into my life.

The magic word – Tranquility. One of the definitions of tranquil that I read and like is – “free from agitation of mind or spirit”.  This describes perfectly the state of being that I am trying for in my life. My mind seems to be agitated with thoughts easily. This is a good word for me to keep in mind. I will be using it in the moments when I feel overwhelmed. Thinking it to myself will help me anchor myself in the now.


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