Awesome is….

My Mom. Too often I think I don’t say or tell people how great my Mom is and how she always has been a wonderful person. She really has helped shape me into the person that I am today. For those of you who don’t know my Mom, growing up she was always the Mom who always took my friends and I out for lunch during the school day. She always let my friends come over and they all loved my Mom. She always made an effort to be involved in my school years and came to all the sporting events I participated in. She always volunteered to help out as well for what seemed like almost every event.

One of the biggest things I think she helped me learn is that I need to be happy. She always says as long as all of her children are happy she is happy. I don’t think she knows how often this has helped me in life and how much I live by it. I always tell people that they have to do what makes them happy in life (yes I am turning into my Mom). It is so engrained in me that it is hard for me to comprehend when people live out their lives being unhappy or doing things that do not make them happy.

She also is not afraid to say what she thinks when it comes to various topics (that runs in the family I think). I admire that and I believe it has helped me become a more open-minded person, not to mention outspoken at times.

I think out of all her children I probably have caused her to worry the most (I could be wrong, but I doubt it). She has always stuck by me and helped me. When I was younger I probably didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have, but now I do. I know she is always there when I need to talk.

As an adult she is my Mom as well as my friend. I like being able to talk to her about almost anything and I am still learning a great deal from her. I enjoy all the chances we get to talk and laugh.

Thanks Mom for being awesome. 🙂



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