My heart and its message for me

Recently, I have had the amazing experience of finding intense emotion through finding peace first. I always thought when I felt certain emotions that they should be intense and when I didn’t feel an intense emotion first I thought that the person or situation wasn’t right for me.

I was having an internal conflict about a situation in my life a few days ago and I thought it wasn’t the right avenue for me to pursue. Luckily there was a tiny tug in my heart (also known as my intuition) and it was saying, “Listen woman! You need to stop and focus on me. Really focus and not think. Just feel.”

So I did. All the turmoil that was going on in my mind in my search for that “perfect feeling” faded away. The only thing that was there was that moment and my heart. The soft pulsing that held a tiny glimpse of peace, flowered into the most amazing sense of knowing. I was filled with calmness and tranquility. I knew in my soul that the path that I was heading on was right and that it was full of love.

I felt this sense of rightness in the world flow out from my heart and travel throughout my entire being. I was a feeling. It was an intense experience for me that was filled with peace.


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