Letting Go of Need

My thought process seems to sometimes include a sense of need that likes to take me on an irrational roller coaster ride. I seem to give in to my irrational thoughts a little more than I would like. Irrationality works wonders on the mind, especially when it is stuck on a continuous loop. Over and over it plays, like a record skipping. My irrational thoughts stem from fears I struggle with every so often. My fears take centre stage when I think too much.

At least I know these thoughts are irrational. For a time and sometimes even now there is a need within myself to act on these thoughts. To ask questions that I already know the answer to or to ask the same questions over and over.

I have realized what I need to do is let go of the need to fuel my fear. To fuel my anxiety. To fuel my stress. I am learning that taking the time to calm my mind works wonders in relationships, as well as aiding in the responsibility I have to ensure my own well being.

By taming my need to react, I am starting to feel more fulfilled. I am also learning that others irrational fears are just as real for them and sometimes they just need to be reassured that everything is okay. Everyone has needs and sometimes they are based on irrational thoughts. Sometimes these needs have to be met for mental security and over time these needs have to be released to gain a sense of tranquility within one’s own mind.


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