Work and life balance and the lack of balance

Time seems to be speeding by for me. Especially since March of this year when I started my new (now not so new) job. It is amazing how life is going so fast. Summer has come and gone. Last week as I was driving I realized that my life is really out of balance. I seem to be so caught up in work and not really focusing on my outside of work time. I seem to talk so much at work, about work that it seems to be out of control. When I hang out with people outside of work I am not even sure what to talk about anymore. I need some time to decompress and balance my life. I am going to cut back on the amount of overtime I will be working and I am going to attempt to do one new thing a month. Plus start going back to the gym and hopefully write more in my blog. My fingers are crossed and I am not going to make any huge promises. I just need to take baby steps in getting my life back in order.

To end on a positive note – I am doing a fantastic job of cleaning out my closets and storage areas. Only two more closets to go!!! Plus I will be buying a bed this week. 🙂


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