My Red Winter

**Disclaimer** No blood involved in this post.

I want to use the theme red as a way to tie random thoughts together and luckily red does the trick.

The first red/pink that snuck into my thoughts was how there is no need to wear blush here in the Winter. Just walking outside for a few minutes will instantly produce a nice glow in the cheeks which takes the place of blush and saves on makeup costs.

The next red example is the Christmas bulb shaped strawberry. See picture, I think it explains itself.


Next is the glitter, mine is red. Have you ever received on of those holiday cards covered in glitter? I did this year and it was red. I think it has a life of its own, it is everywhere. “What is that in the cat’s ear, oh glitter.” “Oops, sorry that your dinner had a speck of glitter cooked into your meatloaf, it is the festive meatloaf.”

For now, these are my Winter thoughts.


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