March Vacation

Another week of vacation and thankfully these past few days have been half productive. New furniture ordered and the search for a new job has begun. In addition, I have been rocking it at the gym, 5 inches lost and counting. I finally feel like my work and life balance is somewhat figuring itself out. While heading back to the office is still seems daunting, I know I am not trapped there. The only cage there is around me is the one I imagine in my own head.

One of the big lessons that I am coming to terms with is change. I am the type of person that sees where the problems are and wants to fix them. I have to take a step back and realize that everyone changes or doesn’t change at their own pace. I need to take a step back and focus only on what I can change within myself. Or what I can do to support things. In my heart I know acceptance and love is all I can do, as frustrating as it may be to watch others get hurt.


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