My Random Sunday Post

It seems every few months I seem to write a post about getting motivated. I guess this may fall into that category again. Today I realized that I need to really get a handle on things that I enjoy doing. I took the first step in writing more when I confirmed my suspicion that I enjoy writing more when I am not in the house. I am sure I will keep the coffee shops in business if I keep this up. First things first, I am going to start tracking some of my goals – writing, fitness, etc. I also am going to use this blog as my general journalling blog. I am going to set up a couple of other blogs – one for my paranormal exploits and one for travel/reviews general things like that. I started my paranormal blog today, mainly it is going to focus on past experiences but I am encouraging friends to post/share their experiences as well. I always wanted to track my experiences some place and thought creating a new blog may be the best way to achieve that. 

Spring seems to be a time for new beginnings for a lot of people, but I always seem to find Autumn is the season of wanting to start new things. I think that is because I am trying to find new avenues for creativity during the cold months that are coming.  (Yes, this is another post that is kind of all over the place, like my thoughts have been lately).


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