Missing Someone Next to You

Have you ever missed somebody that was in the same room as you? Maybe some of you are familiar with the feeling. You have a closeness with someone and by some twist of fate that closeness was put in jeopardy. There are those awkward moments where you are sitting in the same room as the person, but you know that neither of you know what to say or do, or how to fix what is broken. There is almost an emptiness and longing for that person even though they may be right across from you.

What can heal that – time, distance, talking, not talking, avoiding, not avoiding? So many options and determining what the right combination is supposed to be is always the puzzle.

What path to take? Do we stay in the same spot for fear of making things worse or do we try different approaches hoping that one of them is the right path. Sometimes I believe we have to match our pace to the person we may be missing. Walking with them and sometimes possibly behind them allows us to see things from a different point of view, maybe even from their point of view. All I really know is we have to take a step, even if it may be backwards to retrace our steps or maybe sideways to get a new angle. Even if in the moment it may feel like it is the wrong direction, it is perfect. It is exactly the movement that was supposed to be taken on the journey of life. 


People are fragile, some of them that seem so strong really are the ones who need the most support. They are the ones that you hope that you find a hole in their fence so that you can join up with them for however long needed to ensure they know they are not alone on their journey.


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