Finding yourself

I have always believed it is good to be honest with yourself and with others. I think being honest to yourself can be a pretty difficult thing. Sometimes we give so much to others that we lose ourselves in the madness of it all. We lose track of the little voice within us that is telling us what we need and how to nourish ourselves. When we lose this voice I think we become lost in the routine, not really living in the moment or following our true calling. Even though we may not be listening to our inner voice I think we still have some great life lessons that occur during that time.

One thing I think people don’t do enough is have the courage to say that they need time alone. They know they aren’t okay and they know what they need is time to sort things out within themselves. I think to come to this realization is a step forward and to take the step to isolate yourself to figure out your needs is important. It does take courage to tell the people you care about that you need time to focus on you and it does take a bit of selfishness, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think the courage comes from not knowing if the people will be there when you come out of isolation and there is also courage in breaking the routine of giving so much of yourself that you lose yourself. 

Finding yourself can be a scary process but a rewarding one.


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