Happy Friday! Training myself to slow down

I survived my first week at the new job and it wasn’t really surviving, more like my first week relaxing at my new job. Coming from a job that was high stress (mainly placed on myself by myself) to a job that is pretty slow paced, it is a good change.

It is an interesting challenge to try to train my mind to slow down. Now that things are a little slower in my work life, I want to do more in my personal life. I know myself well enough that I need to pace myself or I will end up stressing myself out in my personal life. It is all about balance and the journey to find balance seems to have some interesting rest areas.

It is amazing how much thought I was giving to work, I feel pretty good that I have the time to think about other things I would like to do. Mainly taking some classes and plan a vacation (maybe to Japan again). 

If anyone has any ideas on how to slow down my mind I would love to hear them. I have been trying to meditate a bit more and focus more on living in the moment. How do you enjoy the slow times and work towards finding balance.


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