Dear Universe, change is good but enough is enough

Sometimes I think there is someone keeping track for the Universe on how much change a person can handle. I know I can handle lots and come out stronger after dealing with my emotions. I have made it through my losing all of my grandparents and my Dad within five years. Handled moving to a new country pretty well, did take some adjustment but I pulled it off. Getting married, getting divorced – I survived. Having the person that I opened my soul to leave, I overcame that. But, I think I am good with big changes for awhile.

Getting a new job is a great change, losing another person who is a huge part of my life is not so great. I have had lots of positive change throughout my life too and even that can be a challenge.

This past month I am owning the change in my life, but I think the path I am on needs a yield sign because the changes are running out of room to merge.

I have learned lots about myself in a short time thanks to change. I have found a wonderful support network and rekindled my passions. I am taking classes, planning trips, seeing my friends and really living. So all the change has given me these gifts, but damn are these emotions kicking me in the ass. 🙂

I am going to focus on living in the moment because we never know what the future holds and my anxiety needs a rest area.


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