What to do when I am having trouble writing, of course, write a list of things that I am grateful for today :)

I am having one of those nights where I can’t focus on one topic to write about. I decided to make a list of things that I am grateful for today because it is one thing that I can focus on.

Today started off on a bit of a stressful note because I am learning a new job and it was my first day doing it on my own. Luckily there was someone at work who was encouraging. What made it even better is that I have never officially met this person and it was only through email, but they were pretty funny, so they put me at ease and actually made me laugh. I realized at that moment that there are a lot of good things in life and sometimes you find them when you least expect it. Another great thing that I noticed today is that I am a lot more outgoing than I used to be. I started my Japanese class last week and I have been initiating conversations with people in class without an issue. I think I am finally comfortable in my own skin. 

The last two things really make me smile. I have realized that my support network extends past the people I normally think of and other people are reaching out to me. That means I have been surrounding myself with some great people. On top of everything I am not feeling too down tonight. This is the first night in awhile, I am very thankful for that.

I hope everyone reading this has their own list of things that they are grateful for today. 🙂


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